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An American actress originally from Brussels, Belgium, Anna began her acting career at 6 years old. Moving all over Europe (The United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands) and the United States, she developed a worldly perspective and appreciation for the arts. Anna was awarded best actress at the Texas state festival for the Imaginary Invalid (Toinette) and performed in productions such as Reasons to be Pretty (Stephanie), The Dreamer Examines His Pillow (Donna),  and Beyond Therapy (Prudence). Anna was involved in the Emmy Award-winning writer, Peter Lefcourt’s play “The Death and Life of Mary Jo Kopechne” directed by Terri Hanauer. In Los Angeles, she studied at the Beverly Hills Playhouse. She is trained classically in voice and dance. Recently, Anna played Anna Bennett in the premiere production of “Will’s War” directed by Emmy Award-winning director, Karen Arthur.  She also was a winner of Leah Daniels - Butler monologue challenge gaining a spot on Leah’s official Instagram to perform live. Anna is an actress at the National Youth Theatre Of Great Britain. She is currently based in London but divides her time between the USA and UK.

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